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I have exercised regularly now since 2012 and I can say there are a few things I have learnt along the way while researching to help myself. So there’s one question I get asked often as a personal trainer, “how do I lose my belly fat?” I really want to put this out there I don’t claim to have the most amazing body but to loose the fat around your abdominal muscles you will have to loose OVERALL body fat. You can’t target fat loss in one particular area.

A very simple equation, to loose fat, workout your calories burnt daily using this Calorie calculator, there’s many on the website and I’ve linked one here. Make sure to consume less calories than you burn using MyFitnessPal to measure your calorie intake during the day. If you are in a deficit then you will loose weight. For example my daily calorie burnt is 2200 if I only consume 2000 calories then I will loose fat even if I don’t exercise. But I do try to exercise and I love high intensity interval training (HIITs). It burns fat and calories up to 24 hours even after exercise, increases metabolism, no equipment needed and it improves endurance making you stronger.

What exercises do you do?

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