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For months I have been searching for a dress to wear to this special day, where my beautiful best friend was to marry. The wedding took place last week. It was in the most beautiful chatue in south of France near Carcassonne. The views were breath-taking and I have officially fallen in love with French windows. Deciding what to wear to her wedding was very difficult as I was maid of honour and had big roles in her special day. She is very easy going and said you can wear what you like, ‘I just want you to be my something blue’. The moment I wore this dress I fell in love with it. The perfect amount of skin showing, very figure flattering and enough jewels on the dress. The fishtail style is romantic and I felt like a million dollars in it.



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I wanted to wear gold traditional jewellery, so I wore my persian coin jewellery as I call it. the necklace I wore is two bracelets joined to make a choker.

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And here are some pictures from the wedding, the beautiful bride and groom:

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mahroo wedding 012

mahroo wedding 008

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This last image is called Sofre-ye-aghd. This is a spread with various foods which all individually symbolise old traditions including rose water to perfume the air, eggs and walnuts to symbolise fertility, and seven herbs and seven pastries. This tradition goes back to the Zoroastrian culture. The bride and groom sit here and the vows are read out while sugar cones are softly ground together above their heads over a silk cloth this is to shower them with sweetness.

hope you enjoyed this post!

dress: forever unique

clutch and shoes: aldo


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